mette is featured in the latest issue of kleinformat!

this small [6.5" x 9"] but impressive magazine is packed with diy crafts [sewing patterns + paper dolls], inspiring interviews [hi, joel!] + oodles of beautiful things for children.

it's in german [of course!] but i enjoyed the magazine thoroughly thanks to the beautiful photos + google translate.

thank you, dolores!  


Kickcan and Conkers said...

congratulations! I have been following dolores' blog frm the beginning and love her magazine. can't wait to see it!

kristin said...

thanks, deborah! the magazine is awesome - i'm so pleased to be featured!

Ruminating Mommy said...


Anonymous said...

congratulations - again, you always land in these fantastic publications.
just seeing that block print dress again is making me want and need one for giulietta. she's still wearing the butterfly print dress, loves it..

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