halloween is a pretty big deal around here.

instead of cramming it all in on the 31st,
we prefer to sprinkle a little bit of creepy all october long!


we made our ghost family with cheesecloth and pipe cleaners.
they hover in the hall on invisible thread.  spoooky!

ghost girl pancake
even our pancakes have taken a turn for the creepy ...

spiderella pancake



ramble on


ramble on - myfanwy macleod or there and back again

saturday, we sought refuge from the rain and headed to the art gallery for the afternoon.

[surprise!] i forgot that it was family fuse weekend - lots of fun things for hadley to do and veda hille performed!

sunday, blue sky and spring cleaning.



touch wood


we visited van dusen gardens last week.

sequoia shade

easily my favourite place in the city - so magical!


the current sculpture exhibition touch wood is on now until september 30, 2013.

nine sentinels - brent comber

i lovelovelove these sculptures by brent comber!

nine sentinels - brent comber

council of elders - michael dennis

en route to the maze, we came across the 'visitors'.
they were beautifully spooky [spookily beautiful?].
very cool.

visitors - michael dennis

the little mermaid

i could spend all my days at van dusen - i really need to get a membership - or work there!



hello, summer!

ring pop power

we are enjoying gorgeous days here in vancouver
and seeing alot of our backyard.

day glo dress

lazy weekend days are spent tending to the fairygarden
and listening to luxuria music.

on repeat.

nina hat
i made hadley a hat for camp.

it's reversible!

ballerinas + polka dots in a soft cotton/linen blend.

i made some for my shop, too.



g r o w i n g

hadley was not yet two when i started my shop

blink!  the little stinker is now seven and [with a steady diet of apple sauce and cheddar bunnies] she has outgrown my available sizes.

and she's not the only one.

over the years, many wonderful customers have returned to my shop to buy dresses for their daughters - and now they are outgrowing my sizes, too!

something had to be done.

  so i am happy to announce that mette dresses are now available in sizes 6 months to 9 years!

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