happy new year

i did it! our family received handmade christmas gifts this year - linen lounge pants for the guys, linen tote bags for the gals, and a 'liberty' print blouse for my sister.

unfortunately, i do not have any photos to back up this claim because they were immediately pressed, packed and posted after leaving the sewing machine! i am looking forward to making our gifts for next christmas - but, i think i will start BEFORE december!

hadley received a handmade gift as well -

her doll was made by my friend's mother, who made the doll while she was visiting from germany.

the holidays were quiet - we fed many ducks, ate tourtiere rather than turkey this year (yum!), and had our latest sleep-in ever (930!) - our plan to de-clutter our small apartment during this time received a jumpstart when we decided to MOVE! the new space has three bedrooms which means i will have my own workroom, the kitchen has endless storage, and we have a deck - hadley says "new house, new house" whenever we get in the car - we are ALL very excited.


erica said...

what wonderful dresses! i love all the vintage fabrics and simple shapes.

kate said...

happy new year! and congrats on the new house- it sounds great! oh, to have a separate work room. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Adorable, adorable clothing! Love it.

Ella said...

i'm envious of your move! i also want more space.
I think i may have seen you guys today/yesterday. it's a blur but seeing this photo of you feeding ducks - you look so familiar.
Well done getting all the Christmas gifting sewn.

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