the 'late show' with hadley

top ten reasons why hadley is unable to sleep (and our solutions):

10. "my teddy bear fell over" (teddy bear is placed in upright position);

9. "i don't want my blanket" (remove blanket);

8. "i want my blanket" (replace blanket);

7. "my foot doesn't work" (foot is usually touching her blanket - blanket is moved away from foot);

6. "my arm doesn't work" (bend arm to show that it still 'works');

5. "i have a hair in my mouth" (attempt to remove invisible hair until she announces that she has eaten it);

4. "i want the white bunny [or any other stuffed animal that hasn't been seen in MONTHS}" (search for elusive bunny);

3. "my foot is itchy" (suggest that she scratch her foot);

2. "my underwear is 'untonchable' {uncomfortable}" (underwear is changed); and

1. "this is an OLD teddy bear - i want a FRESH one" -

any suggestions?


shael said...

I've seen this show...only, it was called the "Ophelia show"

Sarah said...

Koby has never ever slept well. When he was an infant everyone told me he would sleep through the night by 6 months. When he was a year and a half waking 6 to 8 times a night they said by 2 he will sleep soundly....when he was 3 they said he will outgrow this when he starts pre-school and when he was 4 they said hmmmmm......he will probably sleep so soundly by the time he is a teenager!
Now at 5 years he seems to be down to waking 2 times a night. We have spoken to doctors, read books, shut doors, opened doors, slept with him , put in a bigger bed, back to a smaller bed, new mattress, new pillow, teddy bear, comfort blankie, water..............probably tried absolutely everything that we can think of. And yet every night at about 2 or 3 am and I hear.....MOM.....my heart still runs and we tuck back in and give kisses and I fall back into my bed. Until 5am when he comes into mine and stands above me breathing heavy and patting my hair while I sleep whispering to me shhhhhhh.......it is so bloody sweet how can I really get mad that I have a 5 year old who has probably slept through the night a total of 5 times in his entire life.
(Great to see you today! I am so excited to have the Mette products in Chick Pea and look forward to chatting soon. xo Sarah)

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