happy house

we moved (again!).

while our last apartment was spacious - it definitely lacked the warmth and character of our new home. we love it!

recently, hadley (and her teddy bears) and i went to valuevillage. we found many of her favourite stories (berenstain bears, richard scarry, munsch) and records, too (some walt disney classics for hadley and human league for me). after spending hours in the store's basement and traveling every aisle - hadley suddenly reports that she is missing a teddy bear - her favourite one (and my favourite, too!). a panicked search of the entire store turned up nothing. when we got home, i searched her room - no bear.

the case of the missing teddy bear was later solved when it was found in the living room - it had never left the house.

on wednesday, hadley and i took her dora bubblekit (thanks grandma+grandpa!) to the park (across the street from our new place).


Anonymous said...

hey you are back! congratulations on the new home, we can't wait to visit - just invite us! have a fun weekend, d+b

sarah said...

Much jealousy over here for your thrifted books and records. I'm crazy for the graphics on old vinyl - what a fine bear!
s (from banquet)

brie said...

I saw your crown featured on Dooce---adorable! Then I came across your blog and saw the Belle and Sebastian poster in the top pic of this post! Excellent. Plus, I'm guessing you've got some Danish roots (I have too). Hurrah! I will be passing along your blog to friends with kids.

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