back to work

we're back from our holiday on saltspring island.

we go every year at this time - as the tourists head home and the kids go back to school. chris spent most of his youth on the island and (after many years of return trips) i have become very familiar with the area as well. our earlier trips involved camping - but these days we rent a cottage.

we always visit ruckle provincial park. on our way, we told hadley we were going to a park - not! when we arrived, she refused to leave the car and said "this is NOT a park - this is a FOREST!". we persuaded her out of the car with the promise of seeing sheep - which (of course!) were nowhere to be found.

we were soon intimidated by a gang of turkeys - so we gobbled (ha!) our picnic lunch and split.

we did alot of beachcombing - the weather was warm, but the water was cold! - dodging the many red jellyfish that were mysteriously washing ashore - why so many?

it was nice to get away - and nice to come home! the recent dooce feature created a flurry of activity for my etsy shop while i was on holiday - so i have been working hard to complete the orders.

and - nice to come home to my etsy (mug) and ebay (fabric) purchases - - and hadley's new bed!

i love that the air is crisper and the leaves are changing colour - i love fall. i have some new toddler dresses and a new crown coming in early october! and a craft fair with jen in two weeks!


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Anonymous said...

Great photos, happy to hear you enjoyed yourself

Hugs M/

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