hadley hearts sienna

last week brought a visit from grandpa -

and grandma AND (their dogs) sophie and sienna!

hadley is very fond of the dogs.

she leaves sophie alone (she licks too much) - but she LOVES sienna!

cuddles - kisses - hugs -

a pillow - a blanket - a nap -

walks in the park (once in her doll stroller!) - and the little dog never complains.

she was devastated when grandma and grandpa and the dogs had to leave - - my feeble attempt to console her by saying "... but I'm still here" - received a flat - "thanks, mom - but i REALLY want grandma and grandpa .... WAAAAAAH!"

on sunday, we went to jericho beach where we found one brave little rabbit.

hadley fed him a piece of her carrot - and then she ate the rest.

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