i am so excited to be featured in bloesemkids' 'knock!knock! open house' series.

irene hoofs features so many talented artists + fantastic finds in her two design blogs - bloesem and bloesemkids. mette is in very good company! thank you, irene!


Jennifer Conway said...

LOVED the article.....now I need to go and have a massive garage sale!!

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the article and I agree with Jen, I need to have a garage sale and get rid of my clutter - your place is way to tidy!

hope all is well


smallVille shop said...

i really enjoyed reading your article. you have lots lovely pieces at your home. i visit bloesem kids blog everyday and it's so great that your were featured.

erica said...

your house looks so cozy! i love that oeuf bed so much, it works perfectly with everything else in hadley's room.

kate said...

yay! congrats on such a great article kristin! i love your space and hadley looks as cute as always. i love that cabinet your TV is on and your collection of dolls!
(ps-i don't drive either)

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