linen blocks

i have added two new linen dresses to my etsy shop!

lila is constructed in linen/cotton blend featuring colour blocks of soft rose, plum, and black.

pop is constructed in soft black linen/cotton blend with a front panel in vintage linen which features a bold geometric design in natural and soft black.

last week was spent with family visiting from toronto and we took hadley to the children's festival.

we lunched at granville island and hadley enjoyed a pink macaron for dessert.

she was fell asleep before she could finish it. i rescued the uneaten half (it was stuck to her knee) and wrapped it up for later - which was a good thing! because immediately after waking, she asked "where's my cookie?"

1 comment:

google said...

the color block dress is gorgeous - this would be a great women's dress as well..

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