madmen casting call - part II

the 'mad'ness continues + the competition is heating up!

while there are so many 'modern' actor head shots (why bother?) - there is now some fierce competition.

i have watched my rank bounce from page one of the leaders board (wow!) to page thirty one (yikes!).

huge thank you's to denise of the swelle life for her feature - and dallas shaw for getting the word out!

thank you so much to everyone who has been voting for me - - it is all up to the voters now - - only five more days left!


kate said...

i'm voting everyday!

kristin said...

yay! thank you, kate!!!!

Denise @ Swelle said...

I've been voting every day, too! The suspense!!!

kristin said...

thank you, denise!

we're nearing the end - - voting ends monday at midnight!

Anonymous said...

have you heard anything yet??

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