madmen casting call - part I

i have entered the madmen casting call - vote for me here!

the semi-finalists will be judged based on the following judging criteria: does the photo reflect the "mad men" style 60% + originality 40%.

for the originality part, there is a number scribbled on a matchbook, telephone, and me - to create a 'story' behind the photo.

i hope you like it! you can vote once a day until august 11, 2009 (11:59:59 PM (ET)).



erica said...

great photo!

i made the mistake of browsing the other entries. most of them are random headshots. how boring!

kristin said...

thank you, erica!

i know! maybe they didn't understand the contest?

hope you + the little guy are having an awesome summer.

thank you for your support!!

Dallas Shaw said...



Anonymous said...

you clean up well kid! nice work

kristin said...

thanks, kitten!

now go and vote! (and tomorrow ... and the next day ... and the next day ... )


Jennifer Conway said...

Great photo Kristin! Heads and shoulders above the rest - have you seen the other entries?!?! I just voted! fingers crossed, ~Jen

Leigh said...

YAY, good luck!
How fun that would be as I love Mad Men.

:) You look amazing and same goes with the photo !

Stacy said...

Excellent! I just gave you 5 stars. How exciting! Mmmmm Don Draper...

kristin said...

thank you so much for your votes of support, ladies!

i am so close! currently, top of page eight (board leaders)!

keep clicking - five stars!

xo kristin

modaspia said...

you got my 5 star vote - you look amazing! kind of dangerous meets beautiful. i hope you win. good luck.

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