a happy halloween

hadley's first trick-or-treating adventure was a success (no surprise there!).

her bag of candy was 'too heavy to carry' after only two blocks (avoiding the houses with the 'scary wool' aka fake spiderwebs) - and after sorting thru her loot - she only wanted the smarties + lollipops.

i learned too late of the 'halloween fairy' (the child leaves their candy out for the fairy who visits during the night and exchanges the candy for a toy). next year.

** update: i told hadley about the halloween fairy. she looked at me skeptically while i explained the details and then replied: "well ... i'd NEVER do that! i love candy too much!" and then polished off a box of nerds. **

earlier in the month, we traveled to the pumpkin patch.

like last year, the combination of muck + mushy pumpkins made hadley retch - so i grabbed some pumpkins and we hightailed it to the snack bar for mini-donuts + hot chocolate.

with halloween behind us, i am hard at work preparing for three upcoming local christmas markets at hycroft, dunbar community centre + heritage hall.

new in my shop - rosso - is a oneofakind dress in vintage cotton which features bold 'painterly' colour blocks of brick red, dark rose + olive on natural background.


Anonymous said...

i love this post...made me laugh out loud at 5 in the morning. she is such a little doll. where is that coat you're wearing from? the black one..it's great.

kristin said...

ha! thanks - the coat is from 'ramona west' vintage shop on etsy. she's got great stuff.

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