thrifting thursday

some recent finds:

a collection of mismatched sugar bowls trimmed with gold paint for holding air plants.

"yksinäisyys" ["alone; solitude"].  beautiful needlework in black + cream wool.  found in a battered frame.  i plan to turn it into a pillow.

lucite ice bucket.  i haven't made a martini in years - so [for now] it will be holding marbles.

i need another vase like i need a hold in the head - but i couldn't resist.  not marked but appears to be vintage.  pretty pink on the inside.  the chevron pattern is carved into the vase.

deer planter + salt shaker for hadley's room.

bunnykins.  child's apron.  cup + saucer.

layers + layers of pale blue tulle.  floor length princess skirt.  the thrift stores bring out their costumes for halloween - and we stock up hadley's dress up closet for the year!


J Taylor Paravantes said...

What great and wonderful finds! You will always be the thrift queen in my eyes - and that's a good thing!!

modaspia said...

halloween is the best time to thrift, love all the stuff they bring out for "costumes" - stuff i'd wear any day. i just went thrifting on halloween to get G a sheet to be a ghost and found some really cool things. inspired to go back now.

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