thrifting friday: vintage coats


i thrifted this vintage wool toggle coat for hadley last week.  mint condition.  holt renfrew label + extra buttons.  perfect for next winter!

ironically, i had just walked away from a [new + expensive] ben sherman wool peacoat not a 1/2 hour earlier.  whew!

vintage faux fur.   thrifted many years ago!  in fact, i had given it to my friend's [then] four year old daughter.  the daughter is now sixteen!  and my friend has now given the coat to hadley.

thrifting for kids is great - they will always grow into it.  thrifting for the future.  hadley has a giant box of clothing + shoes waiting for her to fit them.  but it is bittersweet to find that she has grown into something that was purchased when she was very small.

here she is trying on a vintage houndstooth wool coat - not even two months old.  i remember laughing - she was so tiny then - squirming around in this big coat.  i'm afraid to try it on her now.


Anonymous said...

where do you find these gems??? Thrift stores in Victoria suck!


Piper + Lily said...

Aww, such gorgeous coats! Not to mention a very cute little baby! xx

kristin said...

thank you!!

nadene - i still have luck at vv. i picked up the toggle coat at spca thrift shop. i go often - i think that's the ticket :)

natasha - that little baby just turned five years old! i'm afraid that the houndstooth coat might fit her soon :P

ringmaster said...


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