the popular crowd

i came across this vintage novel at the thrift store last week.

i thought "the popular crowd" might offer tips on how to be popular - ha!  but instead it is the endearing tale of sue morgan, a "popular girl" + her charmed circle.  sigh.

other books by anne emery.  "first orchid for pat" sounds like a real page-turner!

now for the curious bit.  it is an old library book from a local school district.  while i was showing the book to a friend, i took a look at the library check-out slip.  surprise!   on december 11, 1968 the book was taken out by a "ms. rasmussen".  that's me!


Francesca said...

Ms. Rasmussen, this is awesome!

modaspia said...

Ha ha !

kristin said...

crazy coincidence! i wonder how many rasmussen's lived in vancouver in 1968? there were only three of us listed when i moved here in the 90s.

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