summer holiday

we're back from our week on saltspring island!

we return to the island every summer.  this was our tenth year [hadley's fifth] + it was a memorable visit.

last summer was super hot - so we didn't stray too far from the water + barely explored the island.  

this year was cooler [but no rain!] + hadley found her hiking legs.  she practically ran the three-hour trail thru ruckle park, scrambling over tree roots + ducking mossy branches.  complaining only once - at the end of our hike - because she was "sweating".


we searched out every beach, combing for treasures.

we collected cool rocks + quartz.  hadley made herself a necklace of seashells.

but some things were too big to bring home - driftwood for hadley + a massive rock [boulder?] for me.

we thrifted.  at lady minto we scored this vintage hat, some barbie hangers, a paperback novel + a my little pony - all for two dollars!

me:  if you could be any sea creature in the world - what would you be?
hadley:  a mermaid!

more photos here.

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