victoria weekend

i spent the weekend in victoria with the girls - my sister, mom + aunt susan - to celebrate my aunt's 60th birthday!

we brunched at floyd's diner + spent the afternoon shopping.  i found a joke shop where i bought hadley a 'snake in a can' joke gift.  she LOVED it!  

we shopped along antique row + i picked up two awesome vintage pendants.

for hadley:  a sterling silver fawn by birks

for myself:  a pewter pendant by robert larin


Francesca said...

Awesome finds. I just love both. the one for yourself is so you. is it the same designer as your bracelet... it looks more round than your bracelet though. :)

kristin said...

thank you, francesca! i do have another larin pendant - but my bracelet/ring set are by gilles vidal - another 60s/70s montreal based designer. doda [on richards] have a great selection of modernist jewelry + pottery, too. btw hope you had a great birthday! see you soon. xo

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