into the wild [but not really]


last week hadley + i spent an afternoon at the aquarium.

baby surfrider was very keen on the seahorses.

the seahorses + jellyfish are my favourite sea creatures - they photograph beautifully!  i love how these little ones appear to be in outerspace - falling stars [or lanterns].  so pretty!

the following day the three of us headed to the greater vancouver zoo.

we watched lions being fed +

raced turtles.

the flamingos were lovely!

she was feeling brave + shared her ring pop with this one :)

after the zoo, we visited fort langley.  much of the movies that chris works on [disney "buddies" pup series] are filmed in this town - so it was a trip for hadley to see some familiar sites.

hadley + i at the community hall.

selecting some tunes for dinner at planet java ["sea of love" for me + "lollipop" for her].

we popped by the antique mall [hadley found a malibu ken] before heading home.


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Ruminating Mommy said...

I like the baby sea pony photo...I ended up finding Ava's sea pony in a kitchen drawer....

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