alberta bound

we just got back from alberta - visiting my parents + exhausting their dogs [sophie + sienna quietly endured hadley's affections - hugs + kisses + being carried around].  

oh she would love a dog!  but only if it didn't poop.

hadley + sienna

she tolerated some back-to-school shopping at the west edmonton mall + then enjoyed some rides at galaxyland!
sonic bounce!
mini motorcycles
we went thrifting.  hadley scored a vintage hat + book at the flea market.  she loves the mr. men + little miss series - we were happy to discover the timbuctoo series by the same author!

flea market
on the weekend, we spent a lovely day with my brother + his wife at their 22-acre property filled with horses, cows, three dogs + two cats.  

farm girl
hadley, princess + jay
hadley + princess

jay + rudy

meet virgil.  
he is an abkash/maremma  + only one year old.

virgil + mom
here he is with my mom - he's like a polar bear!  a giant but so gentle.

jay, diesel + hadley

jay hooked up a hay-filled wagon to his atv 
+ took us for a ride around his property.

the girls
climbing hay bales
and then it was time for us to go home.

with grandma + grandpa
our little co-pilot

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