stanley park

hadley chose to be a ballerina for halloween this year.

we retired her old tutu [she had been wearing since she was three!] + brought out another.  we have a few.  purchased at a garage sale for a couple dollars each.  
best deal ever.  

this one is fuschia velvet with white tulle.

vintage + handmade.  
i added a hoop to the skirt + handpainted 'ribbons' on her tights [inspiration found here + here].

two-headed baby

we came across this lovely doll at the thrift shop.  
i thought it would freak her out but she loved it!  she's come a long way since we tried watching 'finding nemo' [too scary].  

the green one

we visited the pumpkin patch.  
previous years had me going into the muddy field to collect our pumpkins while hadley held her breath + waited [the smell of the mushy field made her retch!].  

but not this year!  
she mucked about with us + found the only green pumpkin in the field.  but she still couldn't stomach the pumpkin guts so she busied herself until we were done carving.  returning to draw eyelashes + blush cheeks.  of course!

stanley park

stanley park ghost train

happy halloween!


shisomama said...

I really love your handpainted tights! I've loved the Wovenplay ones for some time, and always thought they were too pricey, so I think I'll have to try your idea some time soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

Petit a Petit and family said...

I love the photos! Gorgeous... And that doll is freaking me out! What? Thanks for checking out my blog... I'm adding yours to my daily reads and adding your etsy shops to my favorites as well! I've been wanting to do a post on your creations since last time, but just didn't get to it... I think this week might be it, I'll let you know :)

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