lost + found

small finds at the thrift store

a little red dala horse
[just in time for the holidays!]

+ a tiny record player!  the 'stereopet' is perfect for barbie's new house [a wip for christmas].  

it appears to be in perfect working order - but i'm at a loss to find any vinyl for it.  in the meantime, i came across this fantastic tutorial for making tiny records.

moving on to big news - hadley was jumping on the bed + her tooth popped out!

the little white dot to the left is her tooth :)
this was her first lost tooth 
so she chose to keep it + left a note instead.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you are lucky to own a working Stereopet. I'm looking for one since so many years !
I almost have all the records for it but not this player !

Beautiful piece

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