party pooper


new post at babiekins magazine!


dolittledesign said...

Oh no! Hope you both feel better by now. That Fushia color (?) piñata looks fantastic! And I want one of those magic wand too. I admire you so for your efforts making decoration and favors yourself rather than buying commercially made products. They are beautiful and it shows how much you love your daughter. So inspiring. Happy B-day to the special girl. Is she turning 6?

kristin said...

thank you, jennifer! we are better now - but it was a doozy of a cold. the piñata colour is hot pink! it's funny - she would much rather i BUY cards + favours - haha! i remind her every time that handmade is special - but she's not into that right now :) she turned six - thank you for the birthday wishes! x

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