la petite magazine no. 7


issue seven of la petite magazine is here!

+ features my wool cashmere capelet

 sequins at the beach!

dreamy illustrations by emma leonard

"for the love of books" by kristin loffer thiess includes
a couple of our favourites
[suzy lee + charles m. schulz]

 diy papier mache bunny

+ oodles of inspiring bedroom decor!

we're moving at the end of the month -
after four years in this dear old house,
i am super excited for the change.

thank you, celina + la petite magazine


KLT said...

Your wool cashmere capelet looked great! Thanks for the book mention. I can see the little girl in the Suzy Lee book wearing one of your dresses. :) Good luck with your move!

kristin said...

thank you, kristin! i really enjoy your book selections - we love suzy lee - my favourite is 'mirror'. charlie brown, too - watched 'the easter beagle' twice this week! such a trip. i'd better start packing now ...

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