fifth annual strathcona harvest festival

the fifth annual strathcona harvest festival takes place this sunday at mclean park [near hawks + keefer].

my contribution to the raffle table is my very first handmade doll.  

she has sculpted felt hair, extra long ballerina legs and is dressed in a liberty of london dress and cashmere capelet.  

hadley has named her eva.

the festival will be held on sunday, september 16 from noon to four.  

hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

She is lovely. I especially like the hair and the mouth - along with the huggy, open arms. Doll making is one of my favourite things. Don't stop now, there is a whole world of doll-making to explore.

kristin said...

thank you for your sweet comment :) i am already working on my next!!

modaspia said...

awesomely sweet doll kristin! it's pretty fun huh. she's great, the hair is wonderful.

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