last days of summer

only two days in and it really feels like fall!  brrr.

we just got back from a late summer holiday on saltspring island and lucked out with beautiful weather.

traditional cheezies on the ferry
icecream at the sweet shoppe in ganges
sweet face
we visit the island each summer but went later this year so we could attend the annual fall fair.  

my favourite event at the fair was the "zucchini drag races".

local kids dressed up zucchini's, added some wheels and sent them flying down the racetrack.

so fun!  and maybe a bit dangerous when a few flew over the hay bale barriers.

she was all smiles after winning a blue ribbon at the rooster calling contest [at 11:10]!

dapper ducks
waiting for the pet parade

we beachcombed at vesuvius bay - running from crabs and collecting shells, sea glass and sand dollars - 

and hadley caught a tiny flounder.

the bay is quite shallow so it warms up [just enough to soften the ocean chill] and hadley swam every day.

heading home we came sooo close but missed our sailing by one car.  blarg!

we got the orange pylon instead.

good bye summer.

hello fall!

1 comment:

modaspia said...

love that ..
they just had the "oktoberfest" event here and the highlight was a weiner dog race. ah, small town life.

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