hadley turned seven this weekend!

friday, her classmates sang happy birthday and shared cupcakes, she was gifted candy and a purple pencil and her name was announced on the loud speaker [the best!]. 

sophie's cosmic cafe
saturday, birthday breakfast of bacon + eggs [sunny side up with no yolks, please!].

new wheels

sunday, birthday party.

until now, we have always celebrated her birthday at home with a party and pinata.

but when you're seven - only a gymnastics party will do.

traditionally, i spend the week before her birthday frantically trying to finish + fill the pinata.

i had some time on my hands so i spent my evenings making "party dress" party favours.

sixteen of them [!].

each guest received a vintage gold box filled with a barbie dress and chocolates.

she had "the best day ever"! 

and so did we - but then we had a little cry after. 



celina bailey said...

Happy Birthday! Wow, sounds like you guys had a blast. Gymnastic parties are the best, well according to,my kids! ;)

Ruminating Mommy said...

So sorry we missed the party.... The Barbie dresses are so pretty and Ava loves hers....

kristin said...

thank you, celina ♥ i prefer an old-fashioned birthday party myself - but gymnastics parties are de rigueur with kids these days! x

kristin said...

thank you, jenny ♥ we missed you guys. i hope that ava is on the mend - poor little thing. i am glad that she likes her dress - the girls should have a barbie playdate when ava feels better. x

Girl Fabulous said...

Hi Kristin,

I bought one of your dresses for my daughter while I was pregnant and have been saving it for her to wear. She finally fits into it and it was lovely. Can I send you a photo? She just turned three this week and we wore it for the party. I love it so much I will keep it for her to give her daughter it's timeless and so beautifully made.
It's the peachy pink fabric with the feathers.

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