g r o w i n g

hadley was not yet two when i started my shop

blink!  the little stinker is now seven and [with a steady diet of apple sauce and cheddar bunnies] she has outgrown my available sizes.

and she's not the only one.

over the years, many wonderful customers have returned to my shop to buy dresses for their daughters - and now they are outgrowing my sizes, too!

something had to be done.

  so i am happy to announce that mette dresses are now available in sizes 6 months to 9 years!



Ursula Dean said...

yay ! g. loves her dress ! and the barbie dress was a hit of course. she ran and dressed the barbie before she even put her own dress on. glad to hear the sizes are going up k.

Samantha Whitley @PhD in Education said...

Thank you for posting to the online shop. These are some really nice pieces for children’s clothing, which can be hard to shop for sometimes. It is a really good idea to increase the size range. The doll dress would be perfect for my goddaughter. The picture with the bunny ears is absolutely adorable.

Samantha Whitley from Online PhD UK Degrees

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